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Learndutch.org History
Learndutch.org was set up in 1997 by Chris Sonnemans, former education director of Teleac (the Dutch television company that produced courses for TV).  Learndutch.org gained popularity very quickly, being the first online resource for learning Dutch.

While internet was still in its starting phase, www.learndutch.org provided already online course material, which combined all senses for learning vocabulary: vocabulary with pictures + soundfiles for pronunciation.

Learndutch.org Today
As the internet developed since 1997, new elements (videos, tests, online community) have been added to the website to make learning a language more efficient and fun.

Today, learndutch.org is maintained by Dutch language tutor Bart de Pau. The basic principles are still the same: making Dutch lessons accessible to a large audience: by making lessons fun, by having most course materials free, by providing content in an easy way.

Learndutch.org is one of the main portals for distance learners of Dutch, attracting 50,000 of visitors per month. The objective is to continually expand the course materials, and continuously improving the videos applying the main principles of multimedia learning in the best possible way.

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Hall of Fame
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