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Dutch Grammar Course

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Dutch grammar – course content:

01 – the article
02 – the noun
03 – the personal pronoun
04 – the verb
05 – main clause word order
06 – the adverb
07 – inversion
08 – question words
09 – adjectives
10 – adjectives – 2

11 – numeral
12 – plural nouns
13 – prepositions
14 – the diminuitive
15 – ordinal numbers
16 – pronouns: things
17 – pronouns: object
18 – possessive adjectives
19 – demonstrative pronouns
20 – position verbs

21 – when (no) article
22 – welk, elk / ieder
23 – indefinite pronouns
24 – word order: time & place
25 – negation
26 – question words
27 – comparative (preview)
28 – modal verbs
29 – modal verb: zullen
30 – verbs + infinitive

31 – separable verbs
32 – inseparable verbs
33 – reflexive verbs
34 – verbs: (non) reflexive
35 – imperative
36 – verbs + te + infinitive – 1
37 – verbs + te + infinitive – 2
38 – verbs + prepositions
39 – adjectives – substances
40 – negation – 2

41 – om + te + infinitive
42 – aan + het + infinitive
43 – questions + prepositions
44 – irregular plural nouns
45 – irregular plural nouns – 2
46 – present perfect
47 – present perfect – 2
48 – present perfect – 3
49 – past tense
50 – past tense – 2

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What do students say about the premium version?

Congratulations for the great course. it is not usual that learning grammar gives any fun to students but I think your grammar course makes the historic difference – I really enjoy doing it; good structure, good balance of rules, explanations and examples. the explanation of the rules are clear and easy to remember. this is very rare in language courses. the vocabulary and the hand-outs are great and it is a very good feature that one can also print them.

Laszlo Szücs (Austria)

I’m of the opinion that you not only explain the grammar in your videos both clearly and concisely, but also illustrate it very well. I am not really a big fan of learning grammar but you made it pretty much entertaining and kept it short; containing only the most important information (or so I believe). I would definitely recommend your course to people who want to learn grammar of a beginner’s dutch level efficiently and fast. I did the Summer School test yesterday and my results were as follows:

A1-Basic 100%, A1 ——- 100%, A2 ——- 100%, B1 ——– 69,23%, Time: 23 minutes and 17 seconds

Concerning my prior knowledge, I watched a few of your vocabulary videos and I have got some Dutch friends, with whom I frequently play video games. They often write in Dutch and since I wanted to know what they say, I started asking them and looked up many words in a dictionary.”

Aydin (Germany)

Mijn studies gaat goed. I really like these things so far:

– being able to review at the end of every video
– the extra ability to review a print of the .pdf handout and make notes
– the friendly and positive tone of the videos
– the careful pace (I can still review the videos during workouts! is that called “kinetic/kinesthetic learning style”?!)
– the strategic use of bold face and colour coding to highlight certain words
– the detailed examinations through the exercises

I am so grateful for this study opportunity to build a solid foundation of understanding Dutch. I especially enjoy the graphic design of the lessons! I am a graphic designer by trade, so I appreciate the clean lines and consistent style treatments of all of the visual elements. Of course I also noticed the use of simple+elegant flag symbols to designate the language shown. Too bad you don’t have a symbol for “West Coast Canadian” – een grapje

This course (and the website resources at learndutch.org) is highly recommended from my beginner status to gain a foundational understanding of how Dutch works

Kim Barnard (Canada)

I have been through Lesson 25 until today. It is a GREAT course. Before you launching this grammar course, I had read a bit here and there about Dutch grammar for beginners from internet resource, but thery were all in text and not easy to follow. Your course to illustrate one point per course is the best way ever for a remote self-learner. It is very clear and easy to follow.  I like very much the design of your course slides, the highlight of words/fonts works perfectly on the point you want to tell.

Overall it is EXCELLENT. I started to follow your couse from the 1000 words, but only knowing words cannot help me to understand sentences. Now with the new grammar course, i think the combination of both provides an ideal internet course for any remote Dutch beginners.

Jenny Wang (Thailand)started 6th of May, review after completing 25 lessons

I would like to congratulate you for the quality of your videos, which are as clear as concise. I really liked watching your course, all the more so as I am pretty fond of grammar.

Samira Leroux (France)Completed online course #dutchgrammar, enrolled in level A1 at the Dutch Summer School - 2015

I’m very greatful for your lessons. It’s very easy to understand, compared to the books i had been reading (before i found your lessons). Now i even understand the books better with your lessons! Thank you.

Jaewoo Lee (South Korea)

Do you think grammar is boring? My opinion is that #dutchgrammar is an interactive course that catches your attention, keeping you focused in that lesson, and you learn more easily. And if you still have trouble learning, take the handouts with you wherever you go, and can always remember the lessons!

My blog about studying Dutch with #dutchgrammar, you can read here.

Hudson Gabriel (Brazil)

I would like to congratulate you for being a good teacher for us, students who wants to learn Dutch language. At first I felt so crazy to learn the language and I don’t know where and how to start speaking the language but when I watched your video I learned how to create sentences. I was so happy that my sister introduced your website to me. May you continue what your doing and hope that you won’t get tired of it because you’re a big help for every person who wants to learn.

Joan Duldulao

Thank you for keeping an eye on my Dutch grammar course progress. I started so well and my Dutch got so much better after only a few grammar lessons. Everyone around me was positively surprised about it. And I also got such a wonderful feeling about my progress. In fact, I felt much better then after completing the intensive Dutch course last year. I really appreciate how well is your course organized. Once again, thank you so much for all your great work.


I have enjoyed the #dutchgrammar course very much, it has been very helpful and makes a lot more sense than other dutch grammar video series I have tried. You explain things very well in a way that is easy to understand.


I’ve completed the first 45 lessons and feel I’ve learned quite a bit. I was not really a beginner when I signed up for your course – had been studying Dutch from various internet sources for a while – but had not followed any grammar course. I had caught some rules “by ear” here and there, but nothing systematic – and some “rules” I had gotten plain wrong. So, I really appreciate your course ; I only wish there was more.

Vlad Rusu

I’m a teacher in Sint Maarten, where I’ve lived for nearly 15 years, and I purchased your Dutch Grammar course just two weeks before my inburgeringexamen at the end of March. In that short time, I worked my way through the whole program — but you know that teachers are excellent students LOL …

Seriously, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your courses, and I recommend them highly. To be honest, I REALLY appreciated the weekly listening exercises — about the Klompenmuseum, and all the rest. The videos were challenging for me, but I know that they helped me “push the envelope” for the Dutch exams.

Ik ben geslaagd!

Marianne Tefft

In my humbel opinion you are the best dutch teacher i ever experience till now.. Considering that i had experience more than 35 teachers in persone or on line during the last year.. Your way in teaching is unique and boring free.. And thats not a complement its just the truth.


I have searched for so many Dutch courses online but yours is the only and the best online course I came across. I am truly happy and satisfied with all the courses. The first thing I do when I wake up is make my coffee and practice all the lessons you have sent me. My grammar is getting better every day. I practice my Dutch at work with my colleagues. They used to make fun of me because of my bad grammar and they always say to me that I speak dutch with English grammar rules. But now thanks to your course I am adjusting that. Initially, I have added myself to your course so I can better my Dutch but it became as well so useful for My husband who also have to do inburgeringsexamen soon.

I thank you so deeply from the depth of my heart…
Tigest Samuel
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    – good command of english (instruction language)
    – internet connection
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