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    Online course – elementary level

  • 44 video lessons

    +word lists +exercises +tests
    step-by-step, instruction in simple English

  • For whom?

    You’ve completed #dutchgrammar-1, OR:
    You learned Dutch elsewhere and have level A1-A2

Dutch grammar-2 – course content:

CHAPTER 1: independent subjects
01 – the future
02 – possession-1
03 – possession-2
04 – imperative-1
05 – imperative-2

CHAPTER 2: conjunctions
06 – main clause
07 – subclause / reason
08 – consequence
09 – contrast
10 – time
11 – condition
12 – of, dat

13 – question words
14 – starting with a subclause

CHAPTER 3: independent subjects
15 – indirect object
16 – ook
17 – adjectives (exceptions)
18 – adjectives (special constructions)
19 – modal verb: hoeven
20 – modal verb + van
21 – adverbs vs conjunctions

CHAPTER 4: the past
22 – past tense vs present perfect
23 – irregular verbs
24 – past participle ending on [en]

25 – past participle: no [ge-]
26 – hebben or zijn – 1
27 – hebben or zijn – 2

CHAPTER 5 – independent subjects
28 – indefinite words: men / je / ze
29 – indefinite words: things, time, place
30 – indefinite pronouns
31 – verb + prepositions
32 – dit + dat + deze + die
33 – relative pronoun
34 – relative subclause: preposition
35 – relative subclause: wat
36 – relative subclause: waar
37 – waar+preposition? daar+preposition!

38 – er = daar/hier
39 – er+preposition
40 – er + indefinite subject
41 – er + quantity
42 – wie/wat + er?

CHAPTER 7: special verb constructions
43 – past tense
44 – present perfect

Required prior knowledge:

– you have completed #dutchgrammar-1
– you have minimum level A1
– you made less than 10 mistakes in this test.

Will there be a free plan?

No. Unfortunately, there won’t be a free plan for grammar instruction on the higher levels on learndutch.org. We may once in a while send a preview lesson to the readers of the newsletter.

Please note that because of the paid courses on learndutch.org, we are able to create more free content as well. Buying subscription to this course is an excellent way to support us!

Price:    € 79,00  € 49,00*

  • 44 Video lessons

    direct access to ALL lessons

  • Handouts + word lists

    with every lesson

  • Exercises

    44 lessons + 7 review tests

  • Exam + certificate

    upon completion

Dutch Grammar Course

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What can you learn from #dutchgrammar-2?

In #dutchgrammar-1 you learned basic dutch grammar. With this knowledge you can construct basic sentences. #dutchgrammar-2 goes a step further.

You will learn how to combine sentences, the subclause word order, relative subclauses, the word ‘er’, in detail about the past tense en present perfect (and irregular verbs); and a lot of independent topics like the imperative, the indirect object, adjectives, indefinite words, the modal verbs etc.

We will frequently review topics from #dutchgrammar-1 and then add something new. The 3 main topics of this course (conjunctions, past tense/present perfect, the word ‘er’) are difficult subjects for most Dutch learners. In this course we discuss that very slowly step-by-step.

How does it relate to the CEFR level classification?

This course, #dutchgrammar-2, can be interesting for anyone on the level A1-A2-B1 who wants to improve Dutch grammar.

The classification A1-A2-B1 is not only about knowledge, but also about skills. Grammar is one element, which essential for all the  skills (speaking, listening, reading). #dutchgrammar-1 discussed all grammar required on the A1 level and some of the A2 level. Someone who went through #dutchgrammar-1 will have A1, just doing the course. But, someone who applies correctly in speaking all he/she learned #dutchgrammar-1 , will have A2 level.

The same counts for #dutchgrammar-2. This course discussed all grammar required on A2 level and some on B1 level. If you pass the exam, just doing the course, your level will be A2. But if you apply all the content of this course correctly, your level will be B1.

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    Watch the video on the right.

  • Requirements

    A1 level or #dutchgrammar-1
    – good command of english (instruction language)
    – internet connection
    – payment: credit card, ideal, paypal

  • Refund policy

    no questions asked: within 7 days after purchase, having watched no more than 10 Dutch grammar lessons

This Dutch Grammar course is made by:

dutch grammar teachers

The texts and presentations of this course are made by Bart de Pau in collaboration with Kirsten de Gelder.

The course content has been reviewed/proofread by Leociana (Teacher of English as a second language), Rachel (US), Helen (UK), Michelle (UK).

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