TOP-7 books for learning Dutch

Before you start to choose a classic book for learning Dutch, please consider our online Dutch course #dutchgrammar. A course which deals with all the grammar you need to know at the beginner’s level, and which you can use as a stand alone course to learn Dutch from scratch! We are enthousiast about it… and it is a good alternative to traditional books for learning Dutch.

Click here to watch the trailer:

If you prefer a traditional book for learning Dutch:

I made a selection of the best and most used books for learning Dutch. Although I position it from 1 till 7, there is no such thing as a best method. It depends on your personal situation. One method is based on learning fast (and deals less with grammar in the beginning): good if you plan to come a short period to the Netherlands. The other is based on learning grammar well from the beginning, so that the result in the end is best.

I put my comments to help you make a choice. The pictures link directly to Amazon (US), so you can buy it directly. Below the picture is a link to Amazon (UK) and (for Netherlands and Belgium).

You can also check the online bookstore with a selection of books for learning Dutch.


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