Exercise – lesson 17

It takes about 10-15 minutes to do this exercise. Do it in 1 session (quitting in the middle, means you need to start all over again next time). A score of 80% is needed to go to the next lesson. With lower score: review the lesson and do the exercises again.

vocabulary & handouts – lesson 17

A. Review:

pdfHandouts – lesson 17 – #dutchgrammar

B. Vocabulary

Nederlands English
zien to see
bij to
het kleinkind the grandchild
de tv the tv
missen to miss

Dutch Grammar Exam

You have 1 hour to do the exam. Do it in 1 session (quitting in the middle, means you need to start all over again next time). A score of 70% is needed to pass the exam (which is required for obtaining the course certificate).

Take the exam

After you completed all the lessons, do the final exam of this course!


We issue a certificate, that proves you master the content of this course. This exam is not easy and we recommend to prepare well.

Good to know:
– you can only do the exam, after you passed all the 10 review tests (at the end of lesson 5, 10, 15 etc.)
– you can do the exam only once if you fail to pass the exam, no certificate is rewarded
– to pass this exam – a score of 70% is needed

With this certificate, you can show teachers/language schools your level of Dutch. The certificate gives you no rights (such as the residence permit, ECTS-credits).

How to prepare:

We recommend you to prepare well for the exam. The exam is a selection of questions of the exercises; typically: of the most difficult questions (in the second half of the exercises of the lesson). Make sure you master the content of all the lessons. Then, practice by reviewing the last 15 questions of each exercise.

The exam:

The exam contains 120 questions. You have 1 hour after you press the “start quiz” button.

Some things to pay attention:
– make sure you stay connected to the internet during the exam
– do not use dictionaries or other sources
– use only 1 browser, and 1 window

vocabulary & handouts – lesson 49

A. Review:

pdfHandouts – lesson 49 – #dutchgrammar

B. Vocabulary

Nederlands English
snel fast
er was eens… once upon a time there was…
de wolf the wolf
vluchten to escape
ontmoeten to meet
de prins the prince
trouwen to marry
leven to live
gelukkig happy
het weekend the weekend
het eiland the island
romantisch romantic

vocabulary & handouts – lesson 46

A. Review:

pdfHandouts – lesson 46 – #dutchgrammar

B. Vocabulary

Nederlands English
de tijd the time (in general), the tense (in grammar)
voltooien to complete
voltooid completed
vroeger in the past
vorig last
de bank 1. the bank 2. the couch
het voltooid deelwoord the past participle (grammar)

vocabulary & handouts – lesson 45

A. Review:

pdfHandouts – lesson 45 – #dutchgrammar

B. Vocabulary

Nederlands English
de politicus the politician
prachtig magnificent
het museum the museum
de medicus the doctor
het conservatorium the academy of music
de musicus the musician
de datum the date
het bedrijf the company
het decennium the decade
de letterkunde the literature
het heelal the universe
goedkoop cheap