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“congratulations for the great course. it is not usual that learning grammar gives any fun to students but I think your grammar course makes the historic difference – I really enjoy doing it; good structure, good balance of rules, explanations and examples. the explanation of the rules are clear and easy to remember. this is very rare in language courses. the vocabulary and the hand-outs are great and it is a very good feature that one can also print them”

Laszlo Szücs (Austria) started 3rd of May, completed 10 lessons
Im of the opinion that you not only explain the grammar in your videos both clearly and concisely, but also illustrate it very well. I am not really a big fan of learning grammar but you made it pretty much entertaining and kept it short; containing only the most important information (or so I believe). I would definitely recommend your course to people who want to learn grammar of a beginner’s dutch level efficiently and fast. I did the Summer School test yesterday and my results were as follows:
A1-Basic 100%, A1 ——- 100%, A2 ——- 100%, B1 ——– 69,23%, Time: 23 minutes and 17 seconds

Concerning my prior knowledge, I watched a few of your vocabulary videos and I have got some Dutch friends, with whom I frequently play video games. They often write in Dutch and since I wanted to know what they say, I started asking them and looked up many words in a dictionary.

Aydin (Germany)Completed the course (all 50 lessons) as a test user, started on 15th of April, finished on 26th of April.
“Mijn studies gaat goed. At first, I could exercise on the elliptical machine while watching the other course videos, but I soon realized that for the Grammar lessons I should login into my computer (instead of watching on the tablet) so that I could make notes on the prints of the .pdf handouts – especially for the vocabulary.

I really like these things so far:
– being able to review at the end of every video
– the extra ability to review a print of the .pdf handout and make notes
– the friendly and positive tone of the videos
– the careful pace (I can still review the videos during workouts! is that called “kinetic/kinesthetic learning style”?!)
– the strategic use of bold face and colour coding to highlight certain words
– the detailed examinations through the exercises

I am so grateful for this study opportunity to build a solid foundation of understanding Dutch. I especially enjoy the graphic design of the lessons! I am a graphic designer by trade, so I appreciate the clean lines and consistent style treatments of all of the visual elements. Of course I also noticed the use of simple+elegant flag symbols to designate the language shown. Too bad you don’t have a symbol for “West Coast Canadian” – een grapje

This course (and the website resources at learndutch.org) is highly recommended from my beginner status to gain a foundational understanding of how Dutch works”

Kim Barnard (Canada)started 29th of April, review after completing 10 lessons

I would like to congratulate you for the quality of your videos, which are as clear as concise. I really liked watching your course, all the more so as I am pretty fond of grammar.

Samira Leroux (France)Completed the course (all 50 lessons) as a test user, started on 15th of April, finished on 5th of May.
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