a proven program: blended learning = online videos + virtual classroom

Are you a higher educated expat in the Netherlands?

Do you have minimum A2 level in Dutch, and do you aim to improve to minimum B1 level?

Are you learning Dutch to improve your position in the labour market?

Are you dealing with Dutch clients / patients / colleagues / business relations in your job?

Are you working below your professional level or can’t you grow to a more senior level because you don’t master the language enough?

Do you need to know Dutch (better) for further career growth?

Are you covered by social security in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past 2 years? (This is usually automatic if you have income in the Netherlands or live in the Netherlands.)

Are you between 18 and 67 years old?

You do not receive student finance / old age pension / finance for inburgering?

Do you have a BSN-number and digiD?

Are you fluent in English? (the instruction language of our e-learning materials)

…then join our courses with the STAP-budget!

(Alternatively: if you learn Dutch as a hobby OR if you learn Dutch while living abroad OR if you learn Dutch to integrate but not for your job: click here)

Bart de Pau Language Courses offers a Dutch language acquisition programme aimed at higher educated expats who want improve their knowledge of Dutch for their professional careers. Two options: virtual classrooms or offline intensive courses.

This programme differs from traditional civic integration (inburgering) programmes:
– the learning pace is high
– the course is aimed at higher educated learners
– who have a strong motivation to learn the language (and are not forced to)
– we use an instruction language (English) in the e-learning materials (in class we try to speak as much as possible in Dutch)

Courses with minimum A2 starting level and minimum B1 end level are considered courses that improve your position at the labour market, as they bring you from minimum a basic user level to a professional level.

Our courses on:
– sublevel 3 (from A2 to A2+)
– sublevel 4 (from A2+ to B1)
– sublevel 5 (from B1 to B1+)
– sublevel 6 (from B1+ to B1/B2)
– level B2/C1
are recognised as vocational education by CRKBO.

Materials used on level 3, 4, 5, 6:
– Het Lesboek – the book that we use in class, based on ‘flipping the classroom’
– ‘Heb je zin?’: a soap opera that covers the story of two Dutch people and two higher educated expats. The story deals with typical issues that foreigners experience when they come from abroad to work in the Netherlands.
– The self study materials of #dutchgrammar

Materials used on level B2/C1:
– Nederlands naar Perfectie

Dates – 2023

– the levels from beginner to A2 are not fundable with STAP, you can only book these levels if you pay yourself, click here for more information
click here to read the descriptions of all the levels (a level test is mandatory when you sign up)
– the total duration is 13 weeks: one sublevel = 6 weeks (1 lesson in week 1 & week 6, 2 lessons/week in week 2-5); between two sublevels there is 1 week pause. Due to 2 buffer days and public holidays, a course might take 14-15 weeks.

– the levels from beginner to A2 are not fundable with STAP, you can only book these levels if you pay yourself, click here for more information
click here to read the descriptions of all the levels (a level test is mandatory when you sign up)
– course periods from September-June: 9 days in a row: weekend + week + weekend

– We offer only on the B1+ and B1/B2 level the option to do the course per sublevel (1 course period instead of 2)

– the levels from beginner to A2 are not fundable with STAP, you can only book these levels if you pay yourself, click here for more information
click here to read the descriptions of all the levels (a level test is mandatory when you sign up)
– 2×2 weeks = 4 weeks, class from Monday-Friday

For STAP: sign up on our website before 2 July2023 in order to apply 3 July at UWV, read more here.


* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes

** book: we use ‘Het Lesboek 1’ for level 1+2, ‘Het Lesboek 2’ for level 3+4, ‘Het Lesboek 3’ for level 5+6.

*** housing: rate only for the full course period: from 1 day before the first lesson (check-in after 15:00) of a level until 1 day after the last lesson of a level (check-out before 10:00); A course period in September-June = 10 nights (weekend+week+weekend). If you book 2×9 days of class, that means 20 nights accommodation. Click here for more information about the Language Campus in Drenthe. Rate valid for all applications until 1 May.

**** the single level courses on certain dates cost €30 extra (€ 664 instead of € 634)

NRTO Terms and conditions
NRTO Code of conduct
Privacy policy
Complaint procedure
Student requirements
Other relevant information

– What are the conditions?
How to apply with STAP?
When to apply?

Good to know:
– different from the standard NRTO conditions: if your budget is not approved: your course is canceled free of charge (in this case, you will have the options to do the course and pay yourself, or try again the next STAP-round)

For STAP: sign up on our website before 2 July 2023 in order to apply 3 July at UWV, read more here.

Frequently asked questions


Please have a look at our detailed specification of levels, before you enrol.


If you don’t know your level, please do the level determination test first. It will give good advice on which level you should enrol if you are going to do the course now.


Give us a call on +31648074618 after you have done the level test on the website, to help you determine the right level.


It is important to determine the level beforehand. If you sign up with the STAP-budget, it is not allowed to switch levels after approval of the budget: different levels are registrated as different educations and UWV does not allow to switch from one to another education.

The STAP-budget will be paid to us directly. As soon as your budget is approved you will receive a payment link for the extras you ordered (for example the book or the accommodation). You can pay online using iDeal or by credit card.

You can’t pay with a credit card/iDeal? Please contact study@bartdepau.com and we’ll provide you with an alternative payment option.

Yes, we issue a certificate, when 80% of the lessons are attended and the homework is done.

What is the value of the certificate?
It will prove your participation. You can show your employer, put it on the wall or on your resume. You can use it as an indication when taking your next level language course.

What it is not:
Our certificate will not exempt you from any exam of the Dutch government, such as the ‘inburgeringsexamen’ (civic integration exam) or the ‘basis examen inburgering buitenland’ (Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad). 

If you want to book a course with the STAP-budget, it’s a matter of planning ahead!

Learn more here.

A video course (like #dutchgrammar) is an automated course = self-study. It’s one-way teaching (transfer of information to the student). A video course has online exercises to practise. You can do it in your own pace (and you might need some self-discipline to really do it).

The advantages of a course in a virtual classroom:
– there is a teacher to ask questions and to motivate you
– there are fellow students to practise speaking Dutch with
– it’s not only theory, it’s also developing skills (speaking/listening)
– it’s very interactive, and has a high social component
– you don’t miss out on the videos: these materials are self study (not inside the virtual classrooms but extra)
– conversation exercises: you will practise conversation (what you’ve learned from the videos)
– if you lack self-discipline, then this is a format where you simply HAVE TO show up (and do the homework)
– you’re with fellow students who all make learning Dutch a priority
– you meet people to hang out with (even online) and practise Dutch outside the classroom

Bart de Pau Language Courses BV (BLC)
Tel: +31-648074618
Mail: study@bartdepau.com

Our virtual classrooms/offline intensive programmes have the following recognitions: NRTO quality mark, CRKBO-certified (short vocational education), Bildungsurlaub approved (Brandenburg, Niedersachsen, Reinland-Pfalz, Saarland)

Chamber of Commerce: 71196846
Correspondence: Landstraat 190, 1401 ET, Bussum

Virtual classroom courses: your home
Intensive offline courses in Drenthe: Vakantiepark ‘Het Timmerholt’, Gagelmaat 4, Westerbork
Intensive offline courses in Amsterdam: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1, Amsterdam

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