This series of lessons is about typical Dutch things (culture, habits, food, traditions). In the lesson all related vocabulary is discussed. This course is not finished, sometimes new lessons are published (without a specific schedule).

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Typical Dutch Vocabulary

Today is “Moederdag” (Mother’s Day).

10 synonyms in Dutch for mother:

– ma
– mam
– mams
– mama
– mamma
– moeder
– moederlief
– moeke
– moes
– moer

Typical Dutch Vocabulary

One of the most important words for the Dutch: vrijheid (=freedom). Today we celibrate our freedom and we are thankful to all who gave their lives for that.

– dodenherdenking (4 mei) – Remembrance of the Dead (4th of May)
– 2 minuten stilte – 2 minutes of silence (at 8 pm, 4th of May)
– bevrijdingsdag (5 mei) – Liberation Day (5th of May)
– bevrijdingsfestival – a cultural festival, with concerts in each province capital on Liberation Day

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