False friends – 01: eekhoorn vs acorn



Transcript of the video lesson – eekhoorn vs acorn:

Hi there, welcome to learndutch.org’s false friends.

False friends are words from different languages that sound or look the same, but have a different meaning. Such as the english word “acorn”, which sounds like the dutch word: “eekhoorn”.

But these are different things. They are false friends.

An acorn, is the the nut from an oak. In Dutch we say “eikel”.

Attention with this word, because there is a male intimate body part with the same shape that is also called like this. And therefore the word “eikel” is also used as a swearword. Use it only if you very clearly want to indicate you don’t like someone.

The Dutch word “eekhoorn” is this animal, in english: squirrel. Now the coincidence is that the squirrels eat acorns!

To describe the picture:

Deze eekhoorn heeft een eikel.

This squirrel has an acorn.

So “acorn” and “eekhoorn” are false friends. But now you know it, so you probably won’t make the mistake!

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