False friends – 10: loon vs loan



Transcript of the video lesson – loon vs loan:

Hi, welcome to learndutch.org’s false friends.
Words from different languages that sound or look the same, but with a different meaning. Today the Dutch word: “loon”, which looks like the english word “loan”. Words that are easy to confuse. They are false friends!

“loan” in English, is a sum of money. The good thing about this money is that you can get it right away without doing something for it. The bad thing is that you can’t keep it, you need to pay it back. The Dutch word is “lening”.

And then “loon” in Dutch. It’s also a sum of money. But this money you may keep. Because you worked for it. The english word is “salary”.

hij betaalde de lening terug van zijn loon
he paid back the loan from his salary

Both are sums that you get, but you now understand the difference, the Dutch “loon” and and the English “loan” are false friends!

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