False friends – 06: brutaal vs brutal



Transcript of the video lesson – brutaal vs brutal:

Hi, welcome to learndutch.org’s false friends.

Words from different languages that sound or look the same, but with a different meaning. Today the Dutch word: “brutaal”, and the english “brutal”. Looks the same, but the meaning is slightly different. They are false friends!

“brutal” in English, is what we call in Dutch “bruut”, and it is associated with violence. And the face on the picture is of course the result of someone else being brutal. 

You rather want to meet someone who is “brutaal” in Dutch. This is what in English is called “cheeky”. 

If someone is showing his tongue, it will hurt less than if he shows (and uses) his knife.

So now you understand it when an angry Dutchman says “wat ben jij brutaal !”.

You are so cheeky !

The Dutch “brutaal” and and the English “brutal” are false friends!

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