False friends – 07: mug vs mug



Transcript of the video lesson – mug vs mug:

Hi, welcome to learndutch.org’s false friends.

Words from different languages that sound or look the same, but with a different meaning. Today the Dutch word: “mug” which you write the same as the english “mug”. These are not the same, they are false friends!

A mug is what we call in Dutch “een beker”. By the word “beker” we also use for cup: for drinking, and in the sense of a trophy.

But the Dutch word “mug” is not so funny, unless you earn your money like this. Because “een mug” is a mosquito.

And to explain what’s happening on the picture.

Er zit een mug in mijn beker.

There is a mosquito in my mug.

So, the Dutch “mug” and and the English “mug” are false friends!

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