Pannenkoek!! Klootviool?! – 9 Funny Dutch swear words

The Dutch are quite creative when it comes to swearing.

In this blog I talked about regular Dutch swear words and typically Dutch swear words with old fashioned diseases.

Examples of Dutch swear words are ‘kut’ and ‘godverdomme’!

Be aware that these words are swear words. So be very careful if you think of using one of them in everyday life.

The Dutch are known for making up other types of swear words.                               

The following swear words are bit funnier, but still, mostly not recommended to say.

  1. Mierenneuker

Literally this one means ‘ants’ (mieren) ‘fucker’ (neuker).

And it’s not a swear word you can use just anytime. This one is used especially when someone is really annoying and looking for small mistakes, a ‘nitpicker’.

  • Doe niet zo moeilijk, mierenneuker!
  • Don’t be so difficult, mierenneuker!
  1. Pannenkoek

A pancake, just a typical Dutch dish. But it’s also something you can call someone.

An Ajax-fan (Ajax is the biggest football club in the Netherlands) made this one nationally popular in the 2000’s when he called one of the most famous Dutch players, Marco van Basten, a pannenkoek. The Dutch trainer was making a mess of his position at the club.

Calling someone a pannenkoek means he doesn’t really know what he is doing.

  1. Gehaktbal / bal gehakt

In the same food category, there is meat ball (gehaktbal or bal gehakt).

The meaning of this word is similar to pannenkoek. Calling someone gehaktbal is not really offensive, although the person knows you’re not happy with how things are going.

  1. Oliebol

Again, food! The Dutch like to call you food!

You’re an oliebol! When you’re called an oliebol, this also means that you’re not doing things right. You are looking stupid or clumsy.

  1. Badmuts

Going from food to objects: a badmuts. A badmuts is actually a swimming cap.

You know, the thing that you can wear on your head when you go swimming.

Also, you are a badmuts if you don’t pay attention on the bike path!

  1. Klootviool

The origin of this word is not known. But kloot is the same kloot as in klootzak. And a klootzak is a common Dutch swear word which means something like scrotum or ball sack.

Viool is a violin.

Combine these and you are a klootviool.

The person who first put these two together must have felt really creative!

  1. Ransaap

An aap is a monkey and ‘rans’ probably from ‘ranzig’, which means dirty. You dirty monkey!

If your roommate is really dirty, leaving dirty dishes everywhere, not cleaning anything, you can go ahead and call him a ransaap

  • Ruim je keuken eens op, ransaap!
  • Clean up your kitchen, ransaap!
  1. Luiaard

This is just a lovely animal. The sloth.

Beware if you don’t do your homework at school. Your teacher might call you a luiaard.

  • He luiaard, je ligt al de hele dag op de bank te slapen.
  • Hey sloth, you’ve been sleeping on the couch all day.
  1. Flapdrol

Flappen: something that comes out really quickly. Or a flap is also a part of a book cover jacket, a banknote or a piece of textile.

And a drol is a turd.

I know, it doesn’t really make sense. A flapdrol is similar to pannenkoek or badmuts. The flapdrol doesn’t know what he is doing and should get his act together.

Bart de Pau
online Dutch teacher & founder of the Dutch Summer School & Dutch Winter School