Lesson 09 – adjectives




Adjectives in Dutch: Video lesson 9 is about the most used adjectives in Dutch. Adjectives are words, that tell something about nouns. Examples are: big, small, interesting, beautiful. In the Dutch language – like in English – we say the adjectives before the noun. For example: mooie bloem (beautiful flower), stoute jongen (naughty boy), grote auto (big car). With the vocabulary of this lesson you will be able to express your opinion much better. This lesson is “interessant” or “saai” ?

Please note: this is just a brief introduction (vocabulary). Adjectives can change their form, depending on other words in the sentence and their function. Dutch adjectives sometimes get an extra [e]. The number of vowels may change, as well as some consonants. This is explained in detail in our online course #dutchgrammar.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
groot big
klein small
lekker tasty
vies dirty, disgusting
schoon clean
mooi beautiful
de tulp the tulip
lelijk ugly
interessant interesting
saai boring
arm poor
rijk rich
donker dark
licht light
zwaar heavy
hard hard, fast
zacht soft, slow
snel fast
lief lovely, sweet
stout naughty
koud cold
warm warm
duur expensive
goedkoop cheap
hoog high, tall
laag low