Lesson 24 – the weather


Describe the weather in Dutch

Video lesson 24 is about the weather in Dutch. This vocabulary is very frequently used, because the Dutch talk about it when they don’t have anything else to say! Weather is changing all the time, and you can meet very different weather conditions in the Netherlands. With the vocabulary of this lesson, you will be able to understand the weather forecast. So you know which clothes (lesson 17) to wear.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
het weer the weather
wat voor weer wordt het? what will be the weather?
het weerbericht the weather forecast
het bericht the message
lekker weer, hè nice weather isn’t it?
zeker (for) sure
mooi weer nice weather
vandaag today
de temperatuur the temperature
de thermometer the thermometer
graden degrees
de graad the degree
schijnen to shine
slecht weer bad weather
de neerslag the precipitation
regenen to rain
sneeuwen to snow
hagelen to hail
de wind the wind
waaien to blow
de storm the storm
het onweer the thunderstorm
de bliksem the lightning
de donder the thunder
de wolk the cloud
bewolkt cloudy
vriezen to freeze
het ijs the ice