Lesson 13 – hobbies & sports




Leisure, hobbies and sports.

Video lesson 13 is about leisure, hobbies and sports in Dutch. The lesson deals with the most import ways the Dutch spend their free time. For the Dutch it is very important; it is highly uncommon in a Dutch company to call an employee “about work” while he/she is enjoying leisure or holidays.

Most hobbies, the Dutch do within an association, which is run by volunteers, or parents (when it is about the children’s hobbies). And for people who are new in the Netherlands… to become a member of an association is an ideal way of integration and getting to know people: you easily become one of them. So if you like to play tennis… just find the tennis club in your village. You pay a membership fee (contributie), which gives you unlimited use to play, which is much lower than commercially renting a tennis field. In return you will also do your “volunteer” part and for example serve the club’s bar twice a year. But you directly will meet new friends!

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
vrije tijd leisure time
de hobby the hobby
reizen to travel
de vakantie the holiday
kamperen to camp out
het strand the beach
zonnen to sunbathe
het pretpark the theme park
tuinieren gardening
de taal the language
een taal leren to learn a language
sporten to exercise
hardlopen to run
wandelen to go for a walk
tennissen to play tennis
hockeyen to play hockey
borrelen to have a drink
uit eten gaan to go out for dinner
uitgaan to go out
stappen to go out (and drink)
dronken zijn being drunk
koken to cook
kunst art
verjaardag the birthday
een verjaardag vieren to celebrate a birthday
hij is jarig it’s his birthday
zingen to sing
dansen to dance
winkelen to go shopping