Lesson 23 – verbs in dutch (3)


Verbs in Dutch (3)

Verbs in Dutch – part 3 is lesson 23. This video lesson contains 25 the most frequently used Dutch verbs. With the vocabulary of this lesson you will be able to describe another 25 activities. Please remind lesson 8, which is part 1 of the most common verbs in Dutch, to repeat the conjugation of verbs in the present tense. Make sure you know this well, because a right use of the verbs is necessary to conduct even simple conversations in Dutch.

Please note: this is just a brief introduction (vocabulary), giving the basics of the conjugation of regular Dutch verbs in the present tense. More about open/closed syllable verb conjugations, consonant changes, irregular verbs and the use of the present tense (place of the finite verb in the sentence) is discussed in detail in our online course #dutchgrammar.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
nodig hebben to need
vinden to find, to think (have an opinion)
bedoelen to mean
bewegen to move
nemen to take
komen to come
willen to want
gebruiken to use
geven to give
vertellen to tell
proberen to try
lijken to seem
laten zien to show
spelen to play
zitten to sit
staan to stand
betalen to pay
ontmoeten to meet
doorgaan to continue
uitgeven to spend
groeien to grow
aanbieden to offer
herinneren to remember
overwegen to consider
bouwen to build
blijven to stay