Lesson 11 – prepositions




Prepositions in Dutch: Video lesson 11 is about prepositions in Dutch. Prepositions are words that indicate a location or a direction. Examples are in, to, above, under etc. The right use of prepositions can be difficult, especially if used in the combination with verbs and specific word combinations. Within this course for beginners, we will not deal with this (extensive) part of Dutch grammar. Make sure you know the words in this lesson well, and you will be able to say most you want, and the Dutch will understand you.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
met with
van from
naar to
in in
voor in front of
achter behind
naast next to
beneden down, downstairs
boven above, up, upstairs
onder below
op at, on top
tussen between
het midden the middle
over about
over over
bij at, near
binnen inside
buiten outside
tegen against
rond around
sinds since
zonder without
voor before
na after
om at