Lesson 15 – describe your house

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Describe your house in Dutch

Lesson 15 deals with the house in Dutch. With the vocabulary knowledge of this lesson, you should be able to show around someone in your house. And you have the elementary vocabulary to talk to a real estate agent who shows you around if your moving to the Netherlands. In this lesson also some typical elements of Dutch houses, such as the “bijkeuken” and that almost anyone in the Netherlands wants his own garden, even if it is just a very small piece of a few square meters.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
de woning the house
de deur the door
het raam the window
de stoel the chair
de kruk the stool
de tafel the table
de lamp the lamp
de televisie the television
de kast the closet
de wc the toilet
de keuken the kitchen
het fornuis the cooker
de koelkast the fridge
de kamer the room
de woonkamer the living room
de bank the couch
de slaapkamer the sleeping room
het bed the bed
de badkamer the bathroom
de douche the shower
het bad the bath tub
de bijkeuken the scullery
de garage the garage
de tuin the garden
de zolder the attic