Lesson 20 – family

Family/relatives in Dutch

Video lesson 20 is about the family in Dutch and friends in Dutch. Of course, this vocabulary is very important ot tell about your roots. Dutch family life: usually father, mother and children live together. Unlike in many other countries where grandparents are part of the household, this you won’t see much in the Netherlands. Children usually move out, once they have reached the age of 18.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
de vader the father
papa dad
de moeder the mother
mama mom
de broer the brother
de zus the sister
de opa the grandfather
de oma the grandmother
de tante the aunt
de oom the uncle
de neef the cousin, the nephew
de nicht the cousin, the niece
het kind the child
het kleinkind the grandchild
de vriend the (boy) friend
de vriendin the (girl) friend
de kennis the acquaintance
de bekende the acquaintance
de klasgenoot the classmate
de verkering the relationship (love)
verliefd in love
verloofd to be engaged
trouwen to marry
scheiden to divorce
gescheiden zijn to be divorced