Lesson 05 – interrogative words (questions)




This video lesson is about questions + interrogative words in dutch. The function of interrogative words is to create a question. Examples are: who, where, what, when, how etc. Most interrogative words have a partner as answer. Such as: there, that, then, like this etc. This lessson deals with both. Dutch interrogative words are pretty much like in English.

Interrogative words are a very important component in every conversation. So learn it well !

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
wie who
wat what
dat that
dit this
welke which
deze these, this
die that, those
waar where
hier here
daar there
wanneer when
dan then
toen at that time (past)
terwijl while
hoe how
zo like this
hoeveel how much
de bloem the flower
waarom why
daarom that’s why
want because
omdat because
maar but
behalve except
de fiets the bike