Lesson 07 – how to count in dutch




How to count in Dutch? Lesson 7 is about counting in Dutch. With the vocabulary of this lesson, you are able to from one till one million. One of the most difficult things in the Dutch counting, are the numbers 21 till 99. Other than in English, the Dutch say the last number first: so twenty one is in Dutch: een-en-twintig (one-and-twenty).

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
nul zero
één one
twee two
drie three
vier four
vijf five
zes six
zeven seven
acht eight
negen nine
tien ten
elf eleven
twaalf twelve
dertien thirteen
veertien fourteen
vijftien fifteen
twintig twenty
éénentwintig twenty one
dertig thirty
veertig forty
vijftig fifty
honderd hundred
tweehonderd two hundred
duizend thousand
miljoen million