Lesson 16 – body parts

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Body parts in Dutch

Lesson 16 deals with human body parts in Dutch. It is an important lesson, because you will need this vocabulary when going to the doctor. In lesson 26 we will deal with the medical institutions and how healthcare is arranged in the Netherlands. And further of course, you need the body part vocabulary to describe someone. Or, when buying clothes (the subject of next lesson), you need to know what clothes are for which body part.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
het lichaam the body
het lijf the body
het hoofd the head
de kop the head
de mond the mouth
de tand the tooth
het oor the ear
het oog the eye
de bril the glasses
de zonnebril the sunglasses
de neus the nose
het haar the hair
de arm the arm
de elleboog the elbow
de hand the hand
de vinger the finger
het been the leg
de knie the knee
de voet the foot
de teen the toe
de rug the spine
de buik the belly, the stomach
de schouder the shoulder
de kont the ass
de borst the chest, the breast
de baard the beard
de snor the moustache
het hart the heart