Lesson 25 – adjectives (2)


Dutch adjectives (2)

Video lesson 25 is part two of the most frequently used adjectives/adverbs in Dutch. Adjectives are words that are used to describe something (a noun). The can also be used as an adverb if they describe something else (not a noun). Please remind part 1 of the Dutch adjectives in lesson 9. Try to use adjectives in your Dutch conversation, as they make the language richer and you are able to give your opinion on something or to describe items more precisely.

Please note: this is just a brief introduction (vocabulary). Adjectives can change their form, depending on other words in the sentence and their function. Dutch adjectives sometimes get an extra [e]. The number of vowels may change, as well as some consonants. This is explained in detail in our online course #dutchgrammar

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
ander other
kort short
lang long
belangrijk important
beter better
best best
enige only
enkel single
dubbel double
vroeg early
laat late
vrij free
heel whole, very
echt real
vol full
leeg empty
speciaal special
duidelijk clear
onduidelijk unclear
beschikbaar available
waarschijnlijk probable
mogelijk possible
huidig current
verkeerd wrong
juist correct
klaar ready