Lesson 14 – Amsterdam

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In lesson 14 of this Dutch course Amsterdam related words are discussed. Amsterdam is the cultural capital of the Netherlands and a very internationally oriented city. Amsterdam is the location of many global head quarters and european head quarters of globablly operating companies. Amsterdam is the city which has the most expats. Many of the foreigners who learn Dutch, live in Amsterdam or end up in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a lot of Dutch language schools (like our own program: dutchsummerschool.nl) and is therefore one of the best places to go to if you learn Dutch and you want to look further than my website with free content.

In the Dutch language, there are quite some typical words which are related to Amsterdam (such as canal house, house boat, coffeeshop). And there are words which you definitely need to know when you come to Amsterdam, for example “pont” which you need to travel between the center and the North of Amsterdam (until the metroline will be opened).

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
Amsterdam Amsterdam
de gracht the canal
het grachtenpand the canal house
de woonboot the house boat
wonen to live
het paleis the palace
pont the ferry
de rondvaart the canal cruise
het museum the museum
het concert the concert
het gebouw the building
het concertgebouw the Concertgebouw
het plein the square
het fietspad the bicycle track
de brug the bridge
het eiland the island
de ring the ring, the ring road
de coffeeshop bar where soft drugs is sold
het stadion the stadium
het hoofdkantoor the head office
de wallen the red light district
de hoer the prostitute
het park the park
het bos the forest