Lesson 21 – animals


Animals in Dutch

Video lesson 21 is about animals in Dutch. This lesson covers only the animals that live in the Netherlands outside zoos, such as pets and animals that you may meet in nature. Interesting fact: in the Netherlands there is political party for animals: “De partij voor de Dieren”, to favour the rights of animals and to protest against mass production of meat. In the elections of the last ten years, the number of votes steadily grows, reaching more than 4% in the European elections of 2014. In a later lesson, the more exotic animals will be covered.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
het dier the animal
het huisdier the pet
de hond the dog
de kat the cat
de muis the mouse
het konijn the rabbit
de haas the hare
de boerderij the farm
de koe the cow
het paard the horse
het varken the pig
de ezel the donkey
de kip the chicken
de haan the cockerel
de vogel the bird
de eend the duck
de zwaan the swan
de gans the goose
de ooievaar the stork
de mus the sparrow
de duif the pigeon
de vis the fish
het hert the deer
het insect the insect
de vlieg the fly
de bij the bee
de vlinder the butterfly
de spin the spider