Lesson 10 – weekdays + months + seasons




Days of the week in Dutch, months in Dutch + seasons: Video lesson 10 is about the weekdays + months in Dutch. The lesson also deals with the four seasons. Like in English: the names of the weekdays are based on the names of Germanic Gods. The names of the months have its origin in the Roman civilisation. As the names of months and weekdays are almost the same as in English; it has no sense to do a multiple choice level test at the end of the lesson. It’s probably the easiest lesson of this course! So, just make sure you get the right pronunciation, so you know how to read the calendar in Dutch.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
week week
de dagen van de week the days of the week
welke dag (van de week)? which day of the week
maandag Monday
dinsdag Tuesday
woensdag Wednesday
donderdag Thursday
vrijdag Friday
zaterdag Saturday
zondag Sunday
de maand the month
de maan the moon
januari January
februari February
maart march
april April
mei may
juni June
juli July
augustus august
september September
oktober October
november November
december December
winter winter
lente spring
zomer summer
herfst autumn