Lesson 06 – traffic & buildings




Video lesson 6 is about traffic and buildings in Dutch. More in detail: vocabulary about instrastructure (roads, highways, airport), means of transportation (such as car, train, airplane), and type of buildings (supermarket, office, school). The Netherlands has a very high population density. Rotterdam is the biggest port of Europe and Schiphol one of the largest airports. Efficient use of every square meter is very important – so people can quickly travel from home to their work (and back). And with the vocabulary of this lesson you will be able to go as well, from one place to another !

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
de straat the street
de weg the road
de snelweg the highway
de auto the car
de bus the bus
de trein the train
de tram the tram
de halte the stopping place
de metro the metro
de boot the boat
het vliegtuig the airplane
het vliegveld the airport
de haven the port
het station the railway station
het kantoor the office
de winkel the shop
de supermarkt the supermarket
het ziekenhuis the hospital
de apotheek the pharmacy
het zwembad the swimming pool
de sporthal the sports hall
het politiebureau the police station
de bibliotheek the library
de school the school
de universiteit the university