Lesson 32 – dutch verbs (4)

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Dutch verbs (werkwoorden)

Please note: this is just a brief introduction (vocabulary), with frequently used verbs and the basics of the conjugation of regular Dutch verbs in the present tense. More about open/closed syllable verb conjugations, consonant changes, irregular verbs and the use of the present tense (place of the finite verb in the sentence) is discussed in detail in our online course #dutchgrammar.

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
lachen to laugh
wassen to wash
gedragen to behave
haten to hate
delen to share
kiezen to choose
begrijpen to understand
ik begrijp het niet I don’t understand
dromen to dream
genieten to enjoy
huilen to cry
ontdekken to discover
ontwikkelen to develop
praten to talk
vergelijken to compare
vergissen to be mistaken
verkopen to sell
vertrekken to leave
vertrouwen to trust
verwachten to expect
in verwachting expecting (a baby)
zwanger pregnant
zingen to sing
zoeken to search
zullen will
bijten to bite
noemen to call