Lesson 02 – personal pronouns + to thank




Lesson 2 of the Dutch video course “1000 most common words in Dutch” deals with the next subjects:
– how to thank in Dutch (in different forms of politeness) / how to say please
– yes/no/maybe
– left or right
– personal pronouns in Dutch (ik, jij/je, zij/ze, hij, wij, jullie, zij/ze, u)

Vocabulary list

Nederlands English
alsjeblieft here you are
alstublieft here you are
alsjeblieft please
a.u.b. please
dank je wel thank you
ja yes
nee no
niet not
roken to smoke
wel (confirmative)
misschien maybe
links left
rechts right
of or
en and
jij you
je you
hij he
zij she
ze she
wij we
we we
jullie you
zij they
ze they
u you